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Topic: Uhhhh

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yeaaaahhh.. this website bums me out. I just feel like I have no muse any more since no one has posted. Idk how often I'll check, hopefully I don't leave anyone hanging but yeah.. I'm sort of losing interest. 

I'm moving out of my parents house and working on my new place within this next month, so I will also be gone from that. I don't know if I'm going to set internet up or not, I don't use anything online because I don't like the thought of my identity being "out there" (something happened within the family and it makes me nervous)

So, yeah. I think this might be a sort of "goodbye" but.. not permanently. I have left Sarah with my password so she can log in and keep me updated if I do happen to not keep my internet. I'm not leaving yet so I'll try to post if anyone else does, but once I'm gone its mainly up to Sarah to help keep my characters alive, if she chooses too. I give her permission to let anyone adopt out my characters if she wants them too, if anyone would like to continue on for her since I know her load is heavy as it is.. so, if anyone reallly wants one of my characters they could roleplay for me. I know Sarah took dibs on a few of them she likes, but its not like I have that many in the first place. So don't worry everyone, if the story goes on, I will too, technically. I don't want to leave anyone hanging.

So this is a back and fourth area for me, I might not be going anywhere, or I might be gone. Who knows, but I just wanted to give an update. Thanks guys.

Much love to you all


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