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Topic: Deceased Ronoh Members

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Deceased Ronoh Members

Ancestors of Ronoh Pack



Name: Zane
Element: Electricity
Age: 6 years
Helper: Demitri the Black Squirrel
Ranked: Alpha of Ronoh
(Killed by Lupita in Sera-Ronoh War)

Name: Tara
Age: 2
Element: Fire
Helper: Ciara the Mongoose
Ranked: Omega
(Died of Poisonous Snake bite)


Name: Pandora
Age: 3
Element: Anatomical
Helper: Cerberus the Black Vulture
Ranked: Unranked Member
(Died of Body shutting down)


Name: Aiden
Age: 7
Element: Water
Helper: Minky the Otter
Ranked: Hunter, Elder
(Died of Old Age)



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Tara had a hard life though that doesn't excuse her irresponsible choices which led her to her death.  She was unloyal and dishonest and some say even a bad mother. She wasn't the sharpest knife in the set, but she had good intentions. She loved her daughter and her brother dearly. But she really only thought about herself. She will be forgot by most and missed by the ones who truly mattered, Xena and Tarin.


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Orion was a five year old sace wolf who arrived on earth with bad intentions. He used others all the time and never wanted to work for himself, feeling as though he was too good for it. Putting on a fake impression,  he had others tend and care for him, but couldn't figure out how to return home. As he experienced Earth life more, he became more cautious of others, starting to hunt for himself and even became a healer, where he helped others constantly. Finally, using his mind and body for good instead of evil, Orion was accepted back into space to reunite with his family and friends; the stars. Orion learned a valuable life lesson which turned him from a horror to a wonderful wolf. He will never forget his life on earth, but is very thankful to finally be home. His helper was Gizmo, who was a male ringtail possum. Orion didn't care much for the possum and it was often ignored or left behind. He was very lucky that Gizmo was never hurt, or he would have been in much more trouble.


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