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Topic: Deceased Loners

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Deceased Loners

Other Ancestors of Loners in NWE

Name: Farah
Age: 5
Element: Soul
Helper: Belle the Seagull
((Died of Illness))
Age: 7
Helper: Jackyl the Vampire Bat
((Death by Suicide))
Name: Roulette
Age: 4
Element: Luck
Helper: Casino the Lionhead Rabbit
((Died to spread luck across the land))

Name: Lykken
Age: 4
Element: Luck
Helper: Kulta the Madagascar Flying Fox
((Died by giving luck to friends))


Name: Violated “Lux” Lust
Age: 7
Element: Light
Helper: Blitzkrieg the albino Western Gray Squirrel
((Died of Old Age))


Name: Tarin
Life Span: March Y1 - August Y6
Element: Fire
Helper: Woody the Woodpecker
(Death in result of Depression)


Name: Masika
Life Span: May Y0 - September Y6
Element: Water
Helper: Gus the Snapping Turtle
(Died from Complicated Birthing)


Name: Tahlia
Life Span: August Y0 - November Y6
Element: Electricity
Helper: Boris the Russian Desmond
(Murdered by Medusa)




Male ~ Earth ~ Kiwi the Kiwi Bird

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Mate: Farah

Pups: Eziek




Female ~ Psychic ~ Pollo the Elf Owl

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Mate: None

Pups: None




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I may be small, but the possibilites are limitless.

March 15, Year 0 - September 4, Year 4.

4 Years,  6 Months.


Kanji lived an innocent life, he was small, weak, and always picked on. He was eager to learn, and always looking for new animals. His biggest bully was the Alpha of Ronoh; Kenpachi. Always being picked on while residing at Ronoh, Kanji left in search of revenge, where he trained with mountain lions on Mt. Bruno, waiting for the day he could seek his revenge. Although he never actually did as he promised (to kill Kenpachi) He got his revenge in another way. Raping an innocent member of Ronoh, (Yami) Kanji lived his like without knowledge of his daughter. His last few days of his carefree life were with his daughter (Kali) and he never knew it was her, until those last moments together. Slaughtered by Akemi, Kanjis body now lays in Ronoh, burried by the forest. Dezera, a good friend of his put him to rest, and now he is finally at peace with himself, no longer having to be bullied.

Kanji was a shape shifter

His helper was Bandit, a Sugar-Glider.


Bandit was a curious little sugar-glider, he had a strong heart for Kanji and took him in like a son. Kanji never had parents, he was left alone to die. If it wasn't for Bandit, he would have never lived his life for as long as he did. Bandit did all he could for Kanji, promoting his self-esteem, helping him learn, and of course, being a Dad. Bandit though, after Kanji's death, was eaten by Akemi.



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Kayna was a free spirit and one of the sweetest wolves you have ever met. She really lit up her mate ,Banshee's life and changed him forever. She was a great friend, Lover and Mother. She will always be remebered and missed on the beach and will always be in her family's heart.


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Roulette was a four year old loner female who loved to play games. She was set out on a destiny to spread luck, both good and bad. In her departure, she spread luck through the lands in hoping of making a difference in the world she knew today. Her element was luck, and her helper was Casino, a beautiful Lionhead Rabbit, who had a lion-like attitude. He wasn't seen to often, but he always stuck up for Roulette, and tried to keep her out of trouble. Roulette will never forget her dearest friends, especially Bentley. He will always have a place in her heart, and she hopes the luck that she spread was given to him, aswell. We will miss Roulette and her games, but she is in a better place now.


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