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Topic: Helper Rules

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Helper Rules

Helper Rules

-Each wolf is assigned a Helper, that they usually recieve when they are a pup. (Not all pups recieve their helper at the same time. One pup might get one at 5 months, another could get their's at 11 months.)

-No two helpers are alike. If someone has the same type of species helper, they will have to rechoose a different species helper. Please try to use specific species as it limits others from using that specific one (Ex. Mouse: a better one would be Feild Mouse or House Mouse)

-Helpers may be a bird (not large like a flamingo), small mammal, and small reptile (No boa constrictors, alligators, etc.)

-Helpers may not be fantasy creatures such as pheonix, dragons, etc.

-Helpers may not be canine based (No Foxes or small dogs)

-Helpers don't have powers, besides obviously what they are born with. (Venom for some snakes, sharp claws for birds, etc).

-When a helper dies, their wolf looses all power of their element. They live life as a regular wolf, are prone to illness and usually die within the next two years. Your wolf will not recieve another helper once it dies.

-When a wolf dies, the helper dies with it.

-If a helper and wolf get into a fight, and the helper leaves. If the helper does not return for a whole year, that wolf will loose all it's power and the helper will probably die.

-It is recommended to roleplay your helper at least once every week with your wolf.



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