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Topic: Rank Explaination

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Rank Explaination



Alphas: Leaders of the pack, all lower ranks must follow their commands.

Second highest ranking, they enforce the alpha’s commands and must be obeyed by the lower ranks. Once an alpha dies, they take over unless the Alpha has any heirs.

Alpha Heirs:
Usually the Alphas’ offspring or Alphas’ blood relative. They take over the pack if the Alphas get too old or die.

They care for the sick and wounded. Spending most of their time running around and taking care of others.

Head Warrior:
They are the most experienced Wolf in the art of fighting and war strategizing. They have authority over all the warriors, and organize trainings and recruiting of new members.

Head Hunter:
They are the most experienced canine in the art of hunting. They plan raids and teach hunters the best tactics to catch down large prey. They are responsible for hunting larger prey to feed everyone in the pack. They have authority over hunters and organize hunting parties.

Trained to fight for the pack and are the strongest of the pack.

Trained to hunt for the pack and are the quickest of the pack.

They are about 1 year old when they are selected to be apprenticed for their future duty to the pack. The Head Warrior or Hunter may choose if the apprentice is to be trained by a single canine or by the whole group.

They are newly born and under a year old. They are closely watched by their mother and other mothers.

They are the oldest and retired Wolves. There are very few of them because most canines die before retiring. They are usually wise and love to tell stories.


*Each pack can vary in ranking and veiws, this is just the basics



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