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Topic: Fighting Rules

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Fighting Rules

Fighting Rules:


-Both players must consent to the fight and the type of fight. No changing a fight half-way through, once the fight is picked and started, there is no changing.

-If a fight is presistant and neither party wishes for their wolf to lose, I will step in and declare a winner based on the posts and attacks (Unless it was preplanned who would win, in which case. Both parties would have to PM me saying they agree).
-No tag teaming, spectators are allowed, but they may under absolutely no circumstances join in.

-In each fight, each wolf has TWO dodges, this can be used to dodge an attack from an opponent.

-One x One fights only, except during war.

-No weapons

-Absolutely no Gm or Pp. Some people don’t realize they are Pp during a fight. A common example would be…”Rover leaped at Bobby, pushing him to the ground. Then, Rover clawed his throat making blood spatter everywhere.” ---They didn’t allow Bobby to react to Rover’s leap.

Types of Fight:

-Death battle: The loser dies…end of story. If you agree with this battle, and don’t like the outcome. It’s too late, sorry.
-Rank battle: The winner takes over the fought over rank. The loser is either chosen to be an omega, elder (If old enough), warrior/hunter, or exiled from the pack.
-Standard battle: It’s a fight, nothing happens, but the loser must not challenge the canine again for another Roleplaying year.

-Sutior Battle: It's a fight with two wolves of the same gender fighting for the rights to a mate or to breed with a wolf. All three wolves must agree to this battle. The loser must not challenge the wolf again for that breeding season. The winner gets the wolf they fought over. Commonly done between two males over a female.
-Training battle: A playful fight between two apprentices or an apprentice and mentor. Nobody can be killed. Mostly done by the warriors.
-Spar: Two canines, merely a light-hearted scrap, nobody can be killed. Pups are most common to engage in this type





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