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Topic: Munsteh's Digital Art Commissions

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Munsteh's Digital Art Commissions

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Okay, I have decided that I don't want to charge PP for my art, because 1.. most lines that I use are meant to be free and not resold for profit according to their rules on deviantart, and 2, I just don't like the competition of having the best to offer in price, or choosing a price, and I don't really need PPs.. Also I just have a guilty conscious of taking others PP's when they worked for them, and I really have no use for them x.x

So, I will post what is avaliable for you to choose from, with a few guidelines so no one goes overboard:


- I will limit everyone to 3 max entries per person, once I finish your 3 requests, you may request another three after 1 week from the finished entries. This is just for reality,  I don't want to be overwhelmed with redoing everyones character pages while having to also make them sprites. 


Here is what is avaliable to be made: Any other requests that are not listed here will be considered, and if it's too much of a challenge that request will be equal to 3 requests (depends on how I feel)


- Spinning wolf Siggy Sprite

-Non-moving Siggy Sprite

-Character line art (w/ background or w/o background)

-Helper line art (some requests may be declined if a certain line art cannot be found)

-Family Photos (your choice on completely new lines of the family, or if you want me to combine their current photos)

-New pup line art (Need a complete description - where markings should be, eye color, personality would also help or what type of line art you wanted so I know what to color) 



Message me for requests : This board will be closed to prevent conversation from happening, it is for reading purposes only. 

Your requests will be posted on a seperate board from this one, when ready. 

If a request is finished and something is wrong, I am more than willing to fix it. If I create something you don't like, I won't take it personally because I don't like everything I make, either. XD





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