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Topic: Trio X Sora's Litter

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Trio X Sora's Litter

Okay, so I know that I don't have enough slots, but I'm just gunna get this over with so that way I can pop thsose little suckers back in.

Parent's Names: Trio and Sora

Expecting date:

Number in Litter: 2

Pups born into: Loner


Pup 1



Name: Tanari

Gender: Female
Element: Earth
Physical Description: Tanari has a tan undercoat with a darker tan "mask" around her face. She has a darker brown husky-like marking on her back, her ears, forelegs and tip of her tail. She has green gill-like markings on each side of her face near her eyes, green bands  around her wrist, and a green stripe down her back. She has red-colored band around her nose, up her forehead between her eyes, on her cheeks and shoulder blades. Her eyes are a light green-gold color.
Personality: Tends to be a sweetie most of the time, although has some of her mother's sass. She tends to be a little on the prissier side, grooming herself constantly.

Helper: Bao
Other information:


Helper Name: Bao
Species: Marbled cat
Gender: female
Looks: Like a miniature clouded leopard
Personality: Often serious, Bao is not one for jokes and will give the stink-eye to anyone who makes fools of themselves. Often very prissy about how she looks.

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Kenpachiicon_zps68a071b1.gif I'm not done with these yet, but after I make my wolves, I can make yours, 1 PP for 5 wolves, if that sounds fair.


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Trio X Sora's Litter: WIP



Parent's Names: Trio and Sora

Expecting date:

Number in Litter: 2

Pups born into: Loner


Name: Renci (Renny/Rennie)

Gender: Male
Element: Terra
Physical Description: Renci is a typical brown wolf with lighter brown markings. His white coat is hued with green, and he had red markings similar to his father.  Renci has beautiful green eyes.
Personality: Tends to be shy, but a very polite and well raised son with good manners and a lot of potential. He's protective of his sister and will do anything for her. He also looks up to his parents and believes that anything can happen when you believe.

Helper: Chloe

Species: Desert+cat.jpg

Chinese Desert Cat

Gender: female
Looks:  A spotted cat with pointed ears..
Personality: She is evil. Always up to no good, and trying to get Renci into trouble, but Renci is convinced he can turn Chloe to a good soul.

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RE: Trio X Sora's Litter

Accepted x2



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