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Topic: History of New Wolf Era

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History of New Wolf Era

Long ago, humans invented a new virus where their only hosts were humans. They thought it was clever to release this virus on their enemy during World War III. It had worked, killing off all the men. The plan backfired and was brought down on all the country, killing millions of innocent. Scientist exterminated the virus, hoping it would put an end and working tirelessly on an vaccine. When all countries had caught the virus, little people had hope as everyone started to die off from the virus. Soon, all humans were wiped out on Planet Earth, including the virus since thier host had vanished.

Hundreds of years later, Wolves have repopulated to become the new rulers of the world. To ensure this, wolves had evolved and grown with certain abilities. It is said that the Gods have granted wolves powers to ensure the safety and longevity of the Post-human Earth. They gave each wolf a helper, to guide them with decisions and teach them not to slowly go down the path of humans did. Where the humans forgot who they were and their origins.

Many packs grew in this new Wolf Era. One large pack owned a large territory where both Ronoh and Sera reside today. There was peace under the leadership of a kind wolf. Once he died, he had two sons. Both would bicker and wouldn't settle for the other one's rule. They both got into a nasty fight and seperated the territories into two. There was many wars between them over more land, hunting on another's territory, murdering pups and raping females. They grew not to trust each other and are this way today.



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