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Topic: Common Roleplay Rules

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Common Roleplay Rules

Basic Rules:

1. Only Wolves, please

2. No PP (power playing) or GM (God moding)

3. Odd colors and Jewelry are allowed

4.Don't kill another's charrie without consulting them first

5. Romance and Mates are allowed, however, the main goal of the roleplay should not be to find a mate.

6. Please, No graphic breeding, and birthing. If you so wish to, keep it to the private messages.

7. Don't just leap at someone and fight. Wolves usually fight for a reason, you better have one if you do fight.

8. The maximum character limit for members is 10. (This includes pups)

9. If you feel you don't have time for a character, you can kill it off or allow it leave NWE lands. Don't create a character to let it sit and rot

10. No Wolf may live past 10 years of age.

11. Pregnant females may not be created

12. No lone puppies under a year can be created, they wouldn't survive alone

13. When creating a character, please be original. I don't want carbon-copies of the same wolf or wolves that are characters from any form of media. Ie. Harry Potter, but in wolf form or Simba running around as a wolf now.

14. No Mary-sues or Gary-Sues, no one is perfect so neither should your wolf.

15. If you plan to be inactive for a while or are quitting altogether, please post in the inactivity board.

Breaking of the following rules will result in a warning, if the trend continues after multiple warnings. A ban will be issue on the user



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